Love Conjure Oil

Love Conjure Oil

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This love oil carries a delicious + delicate scent that assists in attracting loving vibrations. By producing loving energy around your aura, the sensual scent captures the feelings of affection from others. Your scent is one of the most powerful tools for drawing people to you + for making them remember you.

This formula has been carefully handcrafted with herbs, roots and oils imported from Dubai. It contains plant-based metaphysical pheromones, has a sensual aroma that is pleasant, attracts, conquers, and dominates.

♥ Rub on body paying close attention to pulse points, in between breasts
♥ Add to baths
♥ Annoint your candles
♥ Diffuse in home

♥ Apply a tiny amount to your hair
♥ Use before seeing your partner

♥ Use in love rituals/spells 
♥ Use in Come to Me spells/rituals
♥ Add a small amount to shampoo
♥ Mix in water and make a room spray
♥ Add to candles


This is a conjure oil and it is to be used with intention for what you wish to manifest into your life. Be specific when stating your intention and act as if it is already so.