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I was a bit nervous about my reading with my Monique in the beginning but she made me feel comfortable. I felt like I was speaking with an old friend. She described my great grandmother in the reading and picked up on things only I know, I was amazed! She recommended things to help me with my spiritual journey and did not rush me off the phone. I will be getting reading with her often.

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Tay Fran

Instant energetic shift

I was extremely satisfied with my reading with the Kitchen Bruja. Her intuition/ guidance is obviously very strong. Her cards didn't hesitate to get right to the point, laying out my issues clearly before me in symbolic form. It was all very congruent and on point; clear and concise. It was a simple message, and not a big shock or anything, but was extremely helpful to see it all laid out for me. I felt an instant shift in my energetic slump which my partner noticed too; and they are also grateful for the help of the Kitchen Bruja. She pulled from a few different oracles and was giving me advice while pulling cards that reaffirmed exactly what she had just recomended to me. By the end of the session I had absolutely nothing else I felt I needed to ask or anything that was left unclear. Very awesome!

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All I can say is WOW!!!!

This oil is powerful!!!! I like to get creative when using oils so that I can magnify the power in my life (candle work, add to baths, mop water etc). When I received this oil I figure I would try it out by rubbing a little in my hands before I started working. Each time I did that, within hours I checked my email and these amazing unexpected opportunities were waiting. I’m excited to try using it in other ways to see the endless possibilities it helps to align me with!

Road Opener Oil

Shonda B


I was feeling drained for a long time, I wasn't motivated to create and just did not feel like myself. After the FIRST bath I immediately felt a weight lift and energy came flooding in! I went to sleep earlier than I had been for some time and woke up feeling inspired and restored. After each bath I felt physically, mentally, spiritually stronger. Business opportunities were flowing in again. I was having THE best sleep and my prophetic dreams were back strong! Kitchen Bruja is beyond amazing! Powerful hands! I highly recommend!

Jinx Remover Bath - Despojo Quita Mal (Set of 3)

Simone B.

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