Meet the Bruja


So what exactly is a "bruja"? I consider a bruja to be a wise woman who has a natural affinity for and deep connection to nature, can see beyond the veil + who has tapped into her ancestral magickal practices.  How a bruja uses her magick is her personal preference.

I'm Monique a.k.a the Kitchen Bruja. I am a natural born bruja, Espiritista, and Psychic Medium.

I've been receiving visions from Spirit since childhood. I had a sudden realization that I was able to successfully predict life events based on visions I would receive in the dream state. However, after a particularly painful vision of a close family member's death I grew afraid of this gift and the shock of it caused the gift to go dormant for a while. I ran from my calling as a seer + healer until I could no longer run. My ancestors continued to send the call and push me until I was on my path.

I started journeying on my spiritual path in 2013. Years later, I began venerating my ancestors and developing my spiritual gifts. As I progressed with my development + continued on my journey I was initially led to one of my ancestral practices of IFA (Lucumi, Afro-Cuban Santeria). I have received several ceremonies + Orishas. I am an Omo Eleggua (daughter of Eleggua, the owner of ashe, or manifestation power + the crossroads). 

I later went on to complete my initiations into Sanse another ancestral practice (Puerto Rican Vodou) and received my baptism and puntos under the guidance of Sancista Brujo Luis. I am a Mambo (Vodou Priestess) and my official title is “Mambo Sancista Monique”. 


I have been serving my local + online spiritual communities faithfully for several years now. I offer readings, spiritual consultations, cleansing and other services + a wide variety of products in my botanica.

I come from a very mixed background of traditional healers, which includes several spiritual lineages + bloodlines including Native American Medicine Men/Women, Hoodoos, (Yoruba) IFA, Palo, 21 Divisions, Sanse, Umbanda, and more. I use my gifts with the intention to heal and help others discover their path and their own gifts. It is a part of my life's purpose. If you've come across this page just know that it was not by coincidence. I welcome you here and I know that you will find just what you need.  I wish light and progress to you + your spirits always. 

The Kitchen Bruja