• Spring Spiritual Cleaning (Incense, Floor Wash, Bath recipe + More)

    As nature starts to renew itself, spiritualists, healers, bruja/os alike are also behaving in ways that mimic the seasons. During this time many are emerging from hermit mode, doing the typical spring cleaning, planting gardens etc, but care should also be taken to spiritually cleanse as well. 
  • How to Make an Evil Eye Protection Charm

    How to Make an Easy Evil Eye Protection Charm Set your intention when creating this charm that it will pick up an absorb any evil eye sent you...
  • Spiritual Baths

    As a part of our spiritual work it is of the upmost importance that we purify + cleanse our bodies to attract positive energies to assist us at ...
  • New Patreon! Learn how to become a member of The Kitchen Bruja’s Spiritual Community

    Hello, mis brujis! I’m excited to announce the launch of our very own spiritual community via Patreon. Here is where you’ll find exclusive content ...
  • Spiritual use of Añil (Indigo Squares / Balls)

    Añil aka Indigo balls/squares, or “bluing” is used not only for keeping your white clothing bright and clean it is used in various different ritual...
  • New Moon in Taurus Vibes

    ♉️Taurus’ motto is “ I have”. It is telling us to focus on what we have, think of how to increase, grow + improve upon those things. Taurus rules t...
  • Semana Santa + Espiristismo / Holy Week + Spiritualism

    Semana Santa / Holy Week is the annual tribute of the passion of Christ, an event referring to the week of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus in the Bible. This year the Holy Week falls on April 2 - April 8.

    Many brujas/brujos consider Holy Week a very powerful week for doing brujeria + witchcraft. It is believed that during this time God's angels have left the earth and gone up to heaven leaving the earth’s inhabitants unattended. As such, they believe that there is no protection on earth at this time. They see it as the perfect opportunity for them to get back at their enemies and to attack any unsuspecting victims. So, during this time there is an uptick in dark magic.

  • Spring Cleaning Tips for the Spiritualist

    Hello, mis brujis! It's that time of year where everything starts to experience a rebirth + fresh start. For many of us the urge to do a little spring cleaning is starting to kick in.  It's important to maintain not only the physical cleanliness of your home but also its spiritual hygiene. After all, "cleanliness is next to godliness."

    Today I want to share just a few spiritual cleaning tips that will help you to maintain an energetically clean + clear living space and boost the spiritual energy of your surroundings.