Spiritual use of Añil (Indigo Squares / Balls)

Añil aka Indigo balls/squares, or “bluing” is used not only for keeping your white clothing bright and clean it is used in various different rituals for cleansing and purifying negative energies. In espiritismo we use it in misas (spiritual masses) to cleanse ourselves, it can be used as a floor wash + aura wash and, also for protection against negative entities. It can be used to rid one of nightmares as well as to combat the evil eye. In many rituals it is combined with camphor, another purifying agent to double up on it’s cleansing and purifying effects.

To make a floor wash: Crush one añil square into a cup of water so that is dissolves easily. Then, add a crushed cube of camphor.  You may add a few drops of whatever essential oils you want for cleansing + fragrance and Florida water. Add this mixture to your mop bucket. Set your intentions and after physically cleansing your floors, use this floor wash and mop from the back to front of your home. You can also use the mixture as a door wash to wash down your front door.

To absorb negative energy in your home: In a glass bowl or cup add one crushed añil square and one crushed block of camphor (alternatively you can use camphor essential oil). Set your intentions and/or pray over the bowl asking that any negative energies are contained in the bowl, absorbed and transmuted. Place the bowl in the corner behind your front door or in any corners of your home that you feel called to. The corners are important places for cleansing because this is where many low vibrational, negative energies tend to accumulate. I personally like to change this water weekly, but you can change the water and repeat the process every 2 weeks or so or, as often as you feel is needed.

To prevent nightmares: In a glass cup or bowl add water and 1 crushed añil square, along with 1 crushed camphor cube.  Set your intentions and say a prayer to call in your guardian angel, or protector spirits. Make sure the space underneath your bed has been swept and is clear of any dust and clutter. Then, place this mixture underneath your bed.

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