Spring Spiritual Cleaning (Incense, Floor Wash, Bath recipe + More)

As nature starts to renew itself, spiritualists, healers, bruja/os alike are also behaving in ways that mimic the seasons. During this time many are emerging from hermit mode, doing the typical spring cleaning, planting gardens etc, but care should also be taken to spiritually cleanse as well. 

Below are some spiritual cleansing recipes to help aid you in keeping your spiritual hygiene up to par.

Potent Home Cleansing Incense (Sahumerio):

Items you'll need:

Sprig of Rosemary, Camphor Tablet, Garlic Skins, Charcoal Tab. Place charcoal into a burn safe container/cauldron.

Light the charcoal tab until it turns light grey indicating it is ready to use. Add rosemary, garlic skins + crushed camphor to the charcoal tab. Use the smoke to cleanse the home starting from the back of the house moving towards the front. Cleanse carefully with intention + prayers. Focus special attention to corners where negative energies tend to linger. 

As energy healers, spiritualists etc. it is important that we keep our vibration high and remain calm + relaxed even in the midst of chaos/uncertainty. Here is a simple, yet effective, high vibrational + relaxing bath recipe that can be used to wash away stress and anxiety.

Relaxation Bath:

Coconut Milk, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Rose Petals, Bergamot Oil, Clary Sage Oil. Light a white candle  + soak in this bath. Place a Rose Quartz or, Clear Quartz crystal in your bathwater to help infuse the bath with calming energy.

Spiritual Cleansing Floor Wash

Items you'll need: Anil (bluing), Florida water, Myrrh oil

In a bucket of water, add 1/2 tablet of crushed anil (bluing tablet) and mix it thorougly. Next, add some Florida water and myrrh oil. Use this mixture to mop your floors + cleanse your front door. 

Witches Bells

Get 3 bells. Tie them together with a red cord + hang them from your front doorknob. The sound coming from these bells will help to scare away unwanted spirits. 

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