Spiritual Baths

As a part of our spiritual work it is of the upmost importance that we purify + cleanse our bodies to attract positive energies to assist us at any given moment. At the same time this spiritual cleansing helps to rid our aura of negative energies that may surround us and disturb or, hinder our work. As spiritualists we also use spiritual baths as way to strengthen our connection with + call forth our protector spirits along with any ascended masters that we may work with. Spiritual hygiene is just as important as physical hygiene. Spiritual baths are prepared with powerful cleansing agents. As they are being made, energetic rituals are performed to "wake up" the spirituality of each element, natural + esoteric ingredient included in the bath. These baths help to cleanse not only our auras, but also our physical bodies when we have been attacked with witchcraft or, when we have picked up negative spirits. 

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