New Moon in Taurus Vibes

♉️Taurus’ motto is “ I have”. It is telling us to focus on what we have, think of how to increase, grow + improve upon those things. Taurus rules the 2nd house in astrology, which is centered around money, security, values + finances.

New moons are a time a of new beginnings. A new moon is the phase of the moon where if you were to look outside you wouldn’t see anything in the sky. As such you you can look at it as you having a completely empty canvas upon which to create. You have a full 72 hours to work with this energy so if you don’t get around to doing a new moon ritual today don’t fret.

This new moon is 28 degrees in the sign of Taurus. Each zodiac is 30 degrees. To determine what area in your life your focus should be on with this new moon look at your birth chart and find where Taurus is located, count from left to right 28 degrees.

For your new moon in Taurus ritual you can use anything that represents the element of earth (plants, flowers, food, gemstones, etc). You can work with any deity that represents Earth (Gaia, Odudua, Geb, Danu, Coatlicue, etc). Make sure to cleanse your sacred space + objects before starting your work. Have fun creating + remember to count your blessings.

Happy New Moon, mis brujis. 💜

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