Spring Cleaning Tips for the Spiritualist

Hello, mis brujis! It's that time of year where everything starts to experience a rebirth + fresh start. For many of us the urge to do a little spring cleaning is starting to kick in.  It's important to maintain not only the physical cleanliness of your home but also its spiritual hygiene. After all, "cleanliness is next to godliness."

Today I want to share just a few spiritual cleaning tips that will help you to maintain an energetically clean + clear living space and boost the spiritual energy of your surroundings.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning Tips:

Water, Anil, Sweet Smelling Essential Oils + Florida Water

Mix a bit of anil (bluing), Florida water, sweet smelling EO of your choice in a bucket of water.  Use this mixture to mop your floors to help uplift the energy of your space. This mixture can also be used for the front of your place of business.

You may keep a small glass of anil, camphor and water near your front door to help absorb and transmute any negative energies that may enter your home.

Coconut Cleansing

Take a brown coconut and remove the hair of the coconut by pulling off as much as you can. Cover the coconut in cascarilla. Starting from the back of the house you will kick the coconut around each room from left to right (gently you don't want to break any windows or nearby objects). As you're kicking the coconut around set your intent that any negative energy that exists will be picked up and absorbed by the coconut leaving you with only positive energy. After you've cleansed the whole house, place the coconut in a paper bag and dispose of it outside of your home.

Florida Water / Colonia

Fill a spray bottle with cool water and Florida water, Kananga or some other high vibrational cologne water. Spray the mist around each room especially the corners to help raise the vibration of the room. You can also spray your bedding to help counteract any unpleasant dreams.

These are just a few tips that will help to energetically cleanse your home and maintain good spiritual hygiene. If you give these try, please let us know your experience. Happy spring cleaning, mis brujis!



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