Semana Santa + Espiristismo / Holy Week + Spiritualism

Semana Santa / Holy Week is the annual tribute of the passion of Christ, an event referring to the week of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus in the Bible. This year the Holy Week falls on April 2 - April 8.

Many brujas/brujos consider Holy Week a very powerful week for doing brujeria + witchcraft. It is believed that during this time God's angels have left the earth and gone up to heaven leaving the earth’s inhabitants unattended. As such, they believe that there is no protection on earth at this time. They see it as the perfect opportunity for them to get back at their enemies and to attack any unsuspecting victims. So, during this time there is an uptick in dark magic. 

Many spiritualists will cover ancestor altars and mirrors during Holy week and take other spiritual precautions.  Those espiritistas /spiritualists who also practice Santeria, Sanse or other indigenous religions do not however cover the Orishas, Misterios or, deities. They also believe that Olofin, Bondye, or however they refer to the Supreme Creator (God) is always watching.

Below I've listed a few ways to spiritually protect yourself during Holy Week.

Cover your mirrors.

Take oil of rosemary, rue, (or other cleansing + protection herbs) and make the sign of the cross on your wrists, back of your neck and chest so that you don't absorb or, pick up any negativity. These oils will also help to get rid of negative spirits. You can also place this oil on your front door in the shape of a cross to stop negative entities from entering your home. 

Take cascarilla and draw the sign of the cross on your windows. 

Smudge your house (windows open) by burning either garlic skin, cloves, onion skin, or sage on a charcoal tablet.

While saying prayers to protect your home from negative energy and anything unwanted from entering, sprinkle sea salt at the threshold of your front door. You may also pour sea salt into the corners of each room in the house. (This is done AFTER you have spiritually cleansed your home and swept/mopped starting from the back of the house to the front and then out the front door.) 

Take a spiritual bath. 

Disclaimer:  The above are just a very few helpful suggestions that I've learned during my practice. As it pertains to your altars + spirits you will of course want to check with your own spirits as to what they'd like you to do during this time. 

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