Dragon's Blood Sage bundle 4"

Dragon's Blood Sage bundle 4"

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Dragon's Blood resin is used to coat white sage and creates a powerful tool for cleansing and purification. This bundle is used for banishing, protections, sexuality, love and healing rituals.

How do you perform a herb burning ritual with Dragon's blood?

1. Say an opening affirmation or prayer.

2. Face East and light the materials (plants, resins or smudge stick). Use a burn safe container such as an Abalone shell or incense burner.

3. Fan out the flame with a smudge feather (or your hand) so the materials are smoldering.

4. Close your eyes and become one with the smoke, fanning it toward you with your hand or feather, letting the smoke wash over you.

5. State your intentions to clear the location of negative energy.

6. Make sure the windows are open. Starting in the farthest room from an exit door, fan the smoke in the location, paying attention to each corner, all walls, closets and window frames thoroughly, while continuing to recite your intention or prayer in your space.

7. Move clockwise through the area.

8. When you have completed your cleansing ritual in all rooms, say a closing prayer of gratitude. Acknowledge the spirit of the plant, thank it. Acknowledge and honor the land that you stand on.