Money 馃挵 Oil

Money 馃挵 Oil

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This money oil has been crafted to attract money and prosperity to you from all avenues, to increase sales, to increase your luck.聽

Suggested Methods of Use :

-Start your day by dabbing on your pulse points with this money oil and set intentions.聽
-Rub on your wallet or purse.
-You can add a few drops to your bath.
-Anoint your debit cards and/or cash with three drops of oil.
-Etch your name and date of birth into a green candle and place 21 drops of oil onto the candle while focusing on your financial goals.
-If you work from home or have an online business place a few drops of oil around your work space.
-Place a few drops of oil around the front door of your business.

1 - 1 oz. bottle Money 馃挵 Oil聽


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