1 on 1 Boveda Class

1 on 1 Boveda Class

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Prior to petitioning or working with any type of deity it is important to establish and develop a strong connection with your Eggun and spirit guides. You must start by honoring those who came before you by giving them the proper respect, offerings and devotion. Remembering and caring for them is your responsibility alone and is crucial for not only your success but also the success of your offspring + future generations. 

Ancestral veneration + spiritual development are the most vital parts of African Indigenous Spirituality. Communication with one’s ancestral spirits is key in really knowing + understanding who we are and navigating through this lifetime. This has been a way of life for African + Indigenous peoples and is our birthright.

The bóveda is not only a sacred space for you to connect with your ancestors and spirit guides. It is also a place of power where you can go to for protection, to mediate, pray, develop your spirituality, and rid yourself + household of negative energies.

Setting up a boveda is one of main components of ancestral veneration. In this class you will learn how to setup an boveda (ancestor + spirit guide altar), how to give offerings, do's and don's, how to attend to your altar and much more. 

DISCLAIMER: This class is only offered to those within the Afro-diasporic + Indigenous communities. 

Classes will begin starting January 20, 2024 and given once a week on Saturdays only via Zoom. This is a 2 hour class.

This offering is a class/session on Zoom where you will learn the following:

  • What is ancestor veneration + why is it important?
  • What is a bóveda?
  • What items should be present on the bóveda
  • Consecrating + Setting up the boveda
  • How to maintain the bóveda
  • Offerings
  • Boveda Formations
  • Bóveda Do’s + Don’ts
  • Cleansing
  • Prayers
  • Q&A

!! Important !! All information discussed is 100% Confidential. 

Students are allowed 1 cancellation if they have provided  a 24 hour notice + will be able to reschedule with me by contacting me at kitchenbruja@gmail.com.  If an appointment is a no show or is cancelled after the 24 hour grace period you will be subject to a $25 fee.