Pendulum - Golden Healer Quartz

Pendulum - Golden Healer Quartz

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Golden Healer Quartz : 

Golden Healer connects us to the Golden Ray, the golden light of Universal Life Force, Divine Spirit, Source, or Creation, and is considered one of the Master Healers. It allows the Golden Ray to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra.

Pendulums are an easy add on to your personal spiritual tool kit.

The pendulum is a tool that is used to communicate with spirit via your higher self or your guides.

This is one way that you can confidently make decisions based on a precise method.

Holistic healers use a pendulum for measuring energy fields or for divination purposes.

Below is one method of using Pendulums: There is loads of how to's on the internet, find what suits you. There is no wrong way only your way.

Understand the Directional Swings: 

Pendulums swing in vertical straight lines, horizontal straight lines, and in circular movements. 

This can be done side-by-side, front and back, clockwise, counterclockwise, in an elliptical motion, or even in a bobbing movement up and down, which often indicates a strong affirmative action.

Define the Directional Swings: Assign each directional swing a "response" by programming your pendulum to spin or swing in the desired direction.

I like to tell mine to swing clockwise to indicate an answer of yes, counterclockwise for no, back and forth for maybe and diagonally for need more information. Make sure to connect with your Pendulum.

Prepare Questions: A question should be one that can be answered with a positive, negative or neutral response.

Good Question Example:

"Will I be offered the job I interviewed for this morning?"

Poor Question Example:

Will my pregnant cousin deliver a boy or girl?"

It is imperative to precede the question session with a prayerful request or statement. Also make sure to cleanse your pendulum. 

For example, that may be as simple as saying something along the lines of, "It is my intention to receive truthful answers which will serve the good of all concerned."