Road Opening Conjure / Conjuro de Tabaco Abre Caminos

Road Opening Conjure / Conjuro de Tabaco Abre Caminos

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This offering is for (1) session of road opening work. During this work up to a maximum of (3) cigars will be conjured + smoked to open your roads + remove any existing blockages from your life.

You may need your roads opened if any of the following apply to you:

*You feel that there are blockages in your life

*Your life is dull and stagnant

*You need help obtaining a job/other opportunities

*You feel that your love life or, any other area of your life is blocked

What you can expect after the work has been completed:

*Upon successful completion, you can expect to see positive changes + forward movement in the area of focus.

Add'l Info:

Upon booking you will receive a brief email questionnaire to complete after which, a divination will be performed to determine whether or not the work can be done for you. As with any service we reserve the right to decline service and in such case, a prompt refund will be given.

After the work has been completed, your results will be sent to you via email the following day. 

*This work is performed by the Kitchen Bruja on Mondays only.