“Sugar Pop” Self - Love Conjure Oil

“Sugar Pop” Self - Love Conjure Oil

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This sweet smelling self-love oil is sun charged made with love + handcrafted with carefully selected herbs, flowers + rose quartz to aid in self love.

Use this oil anytime you want to feel more confident and beautiful. Know that you are worthy of all good things the universe has waiting for you. Connect with your higher self. Forgive old versions of yourself with compassion and love.

♥ Rub on body paying close attention to pulse points, in between breasts
♥ Add to baths / hair 
♥ Annoint your candles
♥ Diffuse in home

♥ Use in beauty rituals/spells
♥ Use in self-love 
♥ Add a small amount to shampoo
♥ Add to candles


This is a conjure oil and it is to be used with intention for what you wish to manifest into your life. Be specific when stating your intention and act as if it is already so.

Disclaimer:  We do not take accountability for the misuse or, reactions to our products. Usage is always at the buyer's own risk. It's the buyer's responsibility to ensure that there are no allergic reactions to the contents of the product and to do any required testing prior to use. In case of an allergic reaction, cease to use immediately. Please contact a professional for any possible interactions.