Who’s Coming Towards You? Reading for Singles

Who’s Coming Towards You? Reading for Singles

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Are you wondering who will be coming towards you romantically in the future? Or perhaps there is already someone you’re interested in + you want to know if they will be coming towards you to start a relationship.

This reading will delve into your person’s personality traits, possible physical appearance, future actions, feelings, as well as outcome.

After purchasing this reading reply to the confirmation email with your full name and date of birth. 

This reading will be emailed to you within 24-72 hours at your specified email address.


No psychic / mediumship advice should be substituted for any professional, legal, medical or psychiatric advice

All psychic / mediumship readings are for Spiritual Enrichment purposes only.

All consultations are strictly confidential

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No psychic / mediumship reading is 100 % accurate. Please keep in mind that your beliefs and actions may influence any outcome.